Reinilda Blair

Reinilda Blair is a Dominican artist from NYC currently residing in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.


Reinilda uses bright colors inspired by the colorful Dominican paintings displayed in her childhood home and hometown of Bonao, Dominican Republic. The spiritualistic aspect of her art connects to the many years of healing work that she pours into her art for others to experience. Reinilda believes art should not only relate to oneself but to the viewer, realizing the definition of what it is to be a collective.

With over twenty years of painting techniques, Reinilda combines real-world imagery with an individualistic style unique to the artist which she calls "stylized realism." She uses dry-brushing, washing, and detailing to achieve her signature blended look. She also uses multimedia materials, such as clay, holographic and glimmer paints to express her unique vision.


Reinilda has taught painting techniques for 

5+ years, with students ranging from 5-65+ years old. With this experience, she also uses her painting and interpersonal skills to live paint at private and local events.